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Earthquake proofing, relief.
Our company performs an investigation, a diagnosis, repair, Outer wall repair work and Seismic strengthening construction of the Concrete structure as main business. I develop a method of construction in the company while importance of the Seismic strengthening construction is demanded and serve to meet various needs.
◎Seismic strengthening with the external RC frame      ◎Seismic strengthening by the steel frame brace
Sanyo Kensetsu service
We are grateful to be able to work and aim to be a company that impresses society through the company and employees while constantly creating new value based on wisdom gained in the field.

Since its establishment in 1973, Sanyo Construction Service Co., Ltd. has been investigating, diagnosing and repairing concrete structures mainly in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Also has carried out exterior wall repair work and seismic reinforcement work. We strive to provide the best quality at all times with the motto of safe and secure construction, and we will continue to be a pioneer in the times so that we can reach everyone's expectations.

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