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Design Fit Construction Method

The design fit method is a new seismic reinforcement method jointly developed by us and Ube Industries. In conventional internal steel brace seismic retrofitting work, the construction work can be shortened, the construction environment can be improved, the cost can be reduced, and the cost can be reduced by drastically reducing the number of construction work and noise and dust. It is an epoch-making method that can be designed and constructed in the same way as the next method.

※This construction method was developed by Sanyo Construction Service Co., Ltd., as a new business activity that received a management innovation plan approval from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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Design Fit method catalogue

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Construction example( Click to enlarge)

S Elementary School
S Elementary School
H type brace
H type brace
Steel tube brace
Steel tube brace

Comparison between Design Fit method and conventional method

Construction period comparison

Construction procedure

Quality Management

Installation variation

Image of Struktucture Strength Test

Above is a photo of a test specimen of the design fit method.
For a 1 / 2.5 scale assuming a 3-5 floor reinforced concrete school, we conducted a comparative experiment between the column where the column is shear-fractured after bending yielding and the column beam structure when it is reinforced by the design fit method. It was confirmed that it has a sufficient reinforcing effect.
In addition, it was confirmed that the joint mortar does not peel off to a large deformation exceeding the design value by using damage control mortar.
[Experiment location: Eiichi Inai Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University]

Building technology performance certificate

Construction results list

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