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Design U Frame Construction Method

Design U Frame method is an external seismic reinforcement method using a reinforced concrete frame that achieves high design flexibility in low cost .

Construction image

Characteristic of the method of construction

Development concept

Reinforcement Type

Demonstration of seismic reinforcement effect by structural experiment

Various structural experiments were carried out, and by using “Cross Hard” at the beam-column joints of the reinforcing frame, it was possible to secure high fixing performance of the reinforcing bars. Performance was secured. It was confirmed that there was a sufficient reinforcing effect that exceeded the design expected value. The construction material is using high strength polymer cement mortar.
[Expansion frame reinforced test specimen load deformation relation]
Loading test of joint specimen using "Crosshard" for beam-column joint.
Loading test of reinforced frame (additional frame reinforced type)

"General RC construction" and "Design U frame method" Strength comparison.

Obtained “Building Technology Performance”

The design U frame method has passed rigorous screening and has obtained the “Building Technology Performance Certificate” from the Japan Building Research Institute.
The “Building Technology Performance Proof Evaluation Summary Report” provides guidelines for design and construction. Design and construction in accordance with this guideline will ensure the required reinforcement performance.
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